Ravine Gardens State Park

child friendly



bugs, woods


fitness course

suspension bridge


fee $5/car


Ravine Gardens is a hidden gem among the Florida State Parks.

It’s a ravine and anyone who has lived in Central Florida for any amount of time knows that while the state has some hill country, a steep incline is hard, if not impossible, to find.

==>Enter Ravine Gardens.

We first visited with the boys in November of 2007 and then I went back with my niece Dani and Aubry in December 2013.


comfy walking/hiking shoes, 

pack a lunch,

bring your camera and any baby or child wearing backpacks you may have; little ones may not make the whole trip on foot.


Park and begin to explore the ravine by walking through the beautiful planned gardens near the parking and visitor/civic center. There are several paths so just pick one and enjoy the hike.

Hike to the bottom of the ravine as well as the sides and top.

In the ravine there are two suspension bridges, which all kids seems to love and there is plenty of room for everyone to roam safely as you follow the paths through the natural beauty of this neck of the world’s woods.

I like to enter the ravine and head right, circling the whole ravine with all it’s ups and downs. Once I have completed the ravine hike I like to hop in my car and begin the 1.8 mile drive around the ravine.

There is a one-way road that circles the top edge of the ravine. 

Here a playground, several picnic areas as well as a fitness trail with exercise stations await your laughs, pictures and memories. I suggest a visit to the playground with little ones before your drive back home.

For those with more energy you can run/walk the paved loop taking advantage of the exercise stations along the way.

Either way I think you’ll enjoy this part of Florida that takes the typical “flatland” stereotype and throws it right out the window.

Ravine Gardens State Park sits on my Top 5 Florida list because of the natural beauty, elevation change and formal gardens.

Oh and don’t forget to Geo-cache, last I knew there were three caches in the park.

directions:Ravine Gardens State Park islocated in Palatka, Florida. From US17 State Road 100, turn south ontoMoseley Avenue, then turn east ontoTwigg Street

Happy Trails



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