Road Trip Kitchen Travel Essentials

When it comes to eating on a road trip we like to have the foods we like close by.

I plan on eating breakfast and lunch out of our travel kitchen and dinner is either out at a restaurant, a pre-made meal at a local grocery store (rotisserie chicken and potato salad) or at a friend’s house. When eating out after a long day of driving think play place or Chuck-E-Cheese so kids can get their energy out!

My TRAVEL KITCHEN consists of three “bags”

1. good size cooler

2. a pantry bag

3. a snack bag, this bag stays within arms reach for easy grabbing

In the cooler:

-Ice or ice packs, depends on your accomidations- will you have access to refreeze an ice pack? If not then use ice, just dump melted ice and water and add new from hotel or buy a bag at the store

-milk (half-gallon leaves more room in cooler)

-OJ, again half-gallon

-sandwich meat and cheese

-small mayo or mustard


-fruit, avocados, bananas, apples, oranges

-cheese sticks

-spinach for sandwiches, eat your greens

-a few sodas, gatorade, other special drink your family likes




-favorite coffee creamer, this guarantees a decent cup of coffee at any hotel

Pantry bag:

-cereal (for eating in hotel room, not on the road)

-bread for sandwiches

-paper towel roll

-wipes, baby or anti-bacterial; another option for cleaning is a wet washcloth in a plastic bag

-spoon for everyone for cereal

-1 knife and fork

-large size plastic or styrofoam cups for cereal and drinks, paper plates/bowls

-peanut butter

-A vitamin C something… like Emergen-C or Airborne, no need to get sick on vacation

Snack bag, this is kept within arms reach:

-something sweet

-something salty

-I like to buy the convenience store snacks everyone likes at the store before we go to save money


-popcorn or chips, granola

-pack your family favorites

A Note About Water:

I buy water by the gallon, 1 gallon for each person to start the trip

pack water bottles for everyone and refill these as needed, save money and gets everyone drinking water

Extra items:

Old Sheet for picnicing

1-2 kitchen towels for clean-ups or place mats for picnicing

First Aid kit– Make your own or purchase one at the store. Band-aids, triple antibiotic, headache medicine, sleep aid, allergy medicine, all your go-to first aid and medicine items. A shoe box or small plastic container works good for this.

That’s a basic run down of a good travel kitchen for your road trip.

If you find you are in need of something,

think like a local and go to the closest grocery or discount store (Wal-mart is everywhere) and get what you need.

Enjoy your trip!


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