11 Tips for Sea World Orlando


1. Dolphin Underwater Viewing {after lunch}seaworld2

It is really fun to watch the dolphins play and fun to interact with them.

Go after lunch in the heat of the day because it’s got air-conditioning.

2. Visit Shamu’s Happy Harbor in the morning AND at the end of the day

The splash park and climbing playground areas seems to be less crowed before 11:00am.

Come again later in the day to cool off, such a great place to start and end the day!



3. Visit Pacific Pointe Preserve visit during the Clyde and Seamore show for less of a crowd.

4. Eat lunch at 2:30pm

I recommend eating at Sharks Underwater Grill, make a 2:30 reservation and ask for a seat next to the glass.

The time between lunch and dinner is their slow time; we practically had the place to ourselves.

Private dining and a great view!


5. Get 2 Free Souvenir Cups for Your Kids

When eating at a table service restaurant order a water for the kids when giving your first drink order  ~then~  if they order a kid’s meal with drink included they’ll get a second SeaWorld cup!

Use the cups for the rest of the day for water, just fill up at a water fountains.


6. Enjoy the Park Decor

SeaWorld has done great with the details around the park.

Be on the lookout for creatively designed garden and bushes.


7. Shark Encounter

Air conditioning, a tunnel through the shark tank, the peoplemover- what more could one ask for.

8. See a Show

They’re all worth seeing, our current tops are Blue Horizons and Pets Ahoy.

My grand daughter with some Seaworld talent

9. Nursing Moms

There are two nursing rooms, one near the viewing area of Atlantis

and one in Shamu’s Happy Harbor near the back by First Aid and handicap bathrooms.

10. Purchase a $12.00 Refillable souvenir Cup,

We shared one cup of lemonade between 8 of us and it actually worked,

assign one person the job of keeping it full

—> of course you have to be willing to share a straw/drink


11. Manta

I love roller coasters. Love them.

I am 40 years old. This was intense for me and I don’t think I will go back.

But you– try it out!




Sit in the shade when you need to, know there will be lines and waiting for shows, pack healthy snacks and relax- it’s your vacation!!


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