FL Road Trip: East Coast – West Coast

I can’t think of a better way to spend a day than by,

watching the sun rise over the east coast of Florida/Atlantic Ocean

and then, that night,

watch the sunset from Tarpon Springs, Florida/Gulf of Mexico.

Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach, Tarpon Springs, FL

Start in New Smyrna Beach- ’cause that’s my beach,

wake up and drive to the beach to catch the sun peak its way over the horizon;

then, jump in your vehicle and…

make your way via SR44 to Boston Coffee House in Deland.


*sigh*, enjoy that moment for me…

After your Boston Coffee House moment, hop back in the vehicle and continue driving west on whatever back road route you choose, landing eventually in Tarpon Springs before sunset.

May I suggest spending a few hours near the sponge docks in Tarpon Springs. Here is my Top 10 Tarpon Springs you’re staying the night I like to stay at the Vista Hotel on Lake Tarpon.

After watching the sunset at Sunset Beach or Fred Howard Park make your way to Dimitri’s on the Water and enjoy some flaming cheese and make sure you request to sit on the deck!

You can read my Top 10 Tarpon Springs here.

Check in at your hotel-

or couch surf,

or if you chose to not stay the night jump back on the road and head home;

even if home is NSB, it’s 3 hours, not too bad.

Turn on the tunes,

lay back

and enjoy the ride, the view

and the company!


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