Jacksonville, FL

Last week Aubry and I drove north to Jacksonville to meet a friend who was taking a week long class up there.

We used this “Mystery Travel” site and made our way around the city opening clues as we went.

We left around 2pm, I like to travel at sleep times;

met our friend

and were in downtown Jax by 4pm.

3 hours downtown,

another 2 driving to and shopping at Trader Joe’s; 

I was home by 10pm.

Our “Mystery Tour”, was fun! 

Since I am the creator of the Mystery Travel site and wrote up the clues it was enjoyable to watch someone read and follow the clues!

If you’re looking for a fun day trip with your family or girlfriends, this is a  great idea!

Traveling, exploring…. there is so much value in the time you spend and memories you make with those you love, and or like. 

Remember to be relaxed,

willing to have roadblocks- our side of the bridge sidewalk we walked was closed so we had to make our way around to the other side.

Again when it’s time to head home, we leave at bedtime, of course not before eating with a great view and a great friend.

You to can enjoy this FREE Mystery Travel to Jacksonville, just pick a date, click here and follow the clues.

Happy Travels


kid friendly

city walking

bridge walking


map skills


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