7 Things to Do at Lake Eola Park

Lake Eola Park is quite the little gem in downtown Orlando.

Lake Eola cypress trees
Lake Eola cypress trees

Not far from all the theme parks this is both a nice break for those visiting Florida as well as for those of us who live here.

Here are the top 7, cause 7 is a nice number, things to do while at the lake:

#1: Ride the Swan Boats (this is why I went)

cost is $15 for 30 minutes, that was a perfect amount of time with 3 little ones

and if it’s a busy day you may end up waiting 30-40 minutes for your boat, but waiting is fun- you know builds character – patience!

my crew on the swan boats
my crew on the swan boats

#2: Feed the Swans

They do a good job keeping the swans easy to interact with, feeding stations dot the shoreline; we were near the playground at feeding time and were able to help the guy feed the swans

Feeding the swans
Feeding the swans

#3: Relax by the Lake

There are plenty of benches and areas in the shade to lay out a blanket and enjoy the view and the breeze

relax by the water's edge, there is plenty of shade
relax by the water’s edge, there is plenty of shade

#4: Go with Friends

There is so much space and time here to walk and talk and have fun with friends

Go with friends and enjoy the city view from the lake
Our friends paddling to catch us with a great view to boot!

#5 Play on the Playground

#6 Shop the Farmer’s Market

Food, fresh, fun,

music, beer and wine garden. Need I say more.

Here’s a listen, this girl is great, plus I love the hat.

And here’s a little overview of the market

#7 Walk the Lake

It may seem like a no-brainer to some but you need to make the effort and walk the whole lake perimeter.

You’ll run into some fun bridges, ducks, ponds, trees, statues and more… go explore!

You never know what's around the corner
You never know what’s around the corner

Whatever you do, enjoy the day, the moments and the company.


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