the Frugal Mom’s Packing Guide & Printable Outline

the frugal travel mom | packing guide | free printable outline | take the stress out of packing for your next trip

Packing can be stressful; making sure everyone has everything they need for the trip can be a lot for one person to manage.

I am here to help you pack your family for your upcoming travel stress free, and it’s pretty simple.

I like to start one month out.

I ask myself three basic questions,

#1: What will we wear?

#2: What will we pack in?

#3: What entertainment will we need?

#1: What will you wear?– Begin to look at what you have for appropriate clothes in  your current family’s wardrobe, what do you need? I use the outline pictured below and available here to print for free, to keep a list so I don’t over pack. You should also begin looking for good deals or ask to borrow on the items you don’t have, i.e. mittens, boots…

packing outline
my packing list outline

#2: Gather your suitcases, what bags will you each be traveling with? Start to gather necessary clothing and items in these suitcases

#3: Entertainment, #raisingmillenials, download any tv shows or movies you may want when there is no wi-fi, also as you do your regular shopping look for stickers and other notepads and travel entertainment you will need, check the clearance section. Put together some playlists, especially if you’re road trippin’!

1 week out I begin to actually pack.

Pretty simple.

To print out your own copy of my packing list click here.


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