Magical Forest Playground, Ormond Beach, FL

magicalforestplayentranceYou saw our visit on social media and asked about this playground, here it is!

We just visited Ormond Beach’s Magical Forest Playground.

What a great playground!

I like to call it Rainbow Park {inset emoji rainbow}

It playground ranks #1 on my list because of it’s old wood style, variety and size. Updated in 2013, this playground is fresh and fun.

I took my boys there 15 years ago and Aubry and Illana there today.

Magical Forest Playground has ample parking and bathrooms, however no big sign announces it, this is what you see when you pull in.


It’s located at 440 N Nova Road Ormond Beach, however you’ll want to turn onto Main Trail, 1 light north of Granada/SR 40, to access the parking lot easily.

The playground has what I call a “1 way in 1 way out” entrance and the main parent sitting area in right near it.

The playground is under some great oak trees and more benches sprinkle the perimeter.

Magical Forest Playground is large and in charge!

The separate area for ages 2-5 represented big time. A large pirate ship, a firetruck, school bus, swings and a picnic table pavilion. Check out this video.

The main play area covers a lot of ground, and that’s a good thing. The tree house-rocket ship area is great for climbers and older kids! There is also a pirate ship and swings, monkey bars and rings. Watch these video to see more.

Enjoy the videos and photos.

rocket ship area
rocket ship area
Flying saucer fun!
Flying saucer fun!
treehouse and ship for older kids
treehouse and ship for older kids


I wanted to include this because I want to give you a complete story of our visit. While we were at the park a man on his bike was sitting outside the fence and was restless and in my opinion jonesing for whatever his substance of choice is. Anyway, this made 2 other women very nervous and they left and I think they called the cops. A short while later a third women approached me to warn me of, and this is how she referred to him, “this tattooed, weird looking man.” (I saw maybe 1 tattoo, and he dressed a little goth, whatever) Anyway, I never felt threatened and had even gave him a head shake hello in passing when we first arrived. Was his behavior creepy? A little bit, but my heart broke for him; however these other families were down right freaked out, scared and left.

This is why travel is good, it gets us out and about, near different people, near weird people. It puts us in new places with new faces and especially when traveling to a different culture it forces you to come face to face with being the “odd one” I may not be oddly tattooed up at a park in Florida but in Honduras my white skin and red hair sure do make me odd.

So while you’ll find way more odd people near my local playground, I wanted to be sure to share this part of our visit with you. Aubry and Illana had no idea, I was aware and alert, but this other lady was hilarious, warning everyone of this guy becoming the “weird lady at the park”, hehe.

Moral of the story: visit Magical Forest Playground and travel more.


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