I Need Your Input

So to be a travel blogger, I think I really need to get into the habit of actually blogging.

I travel.

I take pictures,


and think of you when I am there.

Then I come home, start a blog post and then somehow it lands in my drafts folder and there it sits.

You won’t believe where in Nashville this was taken. Blog post coming soon!

Fear can hold me back; the uncertainty of the what and the how of the post often hold me from pressing publish. Maybe no one will even care or go.

So I ask you, my readers, these three questions…

{.1.} What do you like about this blog?

{.2.} Do you like “Top 5” type posts? Narrative posts about our trip? Itineraries? or a combo of them?

{.3.} What are your thoughts on a Mystery Trip or Road Trip Detour? Do you even know what these are?

If you would answer those in the comment section of this post that would be awesome!

Thank you so much and I hope I have inspired you to get out and travel!




8 thoughts on “I Need Your Input

  1. 1. I like seeing where you have visited to give me ideas. Especially local day trips.

    2. I like a combo.

    3. I would love to do a mystery trip but don’t know if my husband would. However your local New Smyrna mystery trip I might have to try with the girls.


    1. Kristin, I hope you do the Mystery Tour NSB with the girls, please let me know when you do go- I could use the feedback and I think you’ll have fun!


  2. I have told people about your Mystery trip idea and they perk right up. I’d love to see that part of your blog developed further.
    “Top 5″‘s help me think “oh I can do this, just five steps/thoughts/ideas…”
    BUT that approach has been used to death…maybe you create a fresh blog style that invites busy people to want to discover their own geography.


    1. I do believe the mystery trip is a different feature I offer so thanks for those words. I agree about the overkill on the “top 5” idea, however I do see it’s benefits… fresh blog style, we’ll have to brainstorm this a little more.


  3. I love your blog! I may never get to some of these places, but if I do, I’ll know how to do it frugally! I also love the combo idea, mixing it up with some top-fivers, narrative, and itineraries. The mystery trips would be cool too, you could do posts on those types of trips with downloadable printable sheets for the road. To me, it seems okay to mix it up, since it all has to do with travel. You might even consider an ebook on mystery trips sometime “down the road” (pun intended lol), I think that would sell well to the right audience. Keep writing my friend, and never fear the publish button! You’ve got the gift!


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