Santa’s Christmas Tree Forest, Eustis, Florida




Christmas in Central Florida is different than Christmas in New England where I grew up. It took me a few years to fully embrace the warm holiday season that usually had cold noses and comfy scarves in my forecast.

Santa’s Christmas Tree Forest is located 35317 Huff Road in Eustis, Florida 32736

The 2015 season runs November 21- December 22.

An hour from New Smyrna Beach and 45 minutes from Orlando, I believe this is a MUST VISIT spot over the Christmas or harvest season…and here’s 9 reasons why…

#1: Horse and pony rides – $4

2013 horse ride
2013 horse ride
2014 pony ride
2014 pony ride

#2: Farm Petting Zoo – FREE



#3: Bounce Pillow -$2


#4: Barrel Tram Rides – $2

Barrel tram ride
Barrel tram ride

#5: Visit with Santa – FREE

Aubry unsure of Santa – 2013

#6: Crazy Elf Maze Adventure -$2

photo courtesy of Santa’s Christmas Tree Farm

#7: Reindeer Haystack – FREE

I can’t believe I don’t have a photo of this. After the bounce pillow this is Aubry’s favorite.

Basically it’s a large pile of hay the kids can go at and throw and get covered in.

For some of us mom, we need a deep breath before we watch our kids get covered in hay!! yikes!!

#8: Zipline – $6

#9: Christmas treeeeeesssssss!!!! – varies

Come on, it’s a whole forest of them, sounds like fun to me! Walk through them, buy them, cut them or just pick one out, it’s your choice at Santa’s Christmas Tree Forest.


So go ahead, make the drive. Enjoy the cooler weather (hopefully) and enjoyt the day!

Merry Christmas Season all !!


Santa’s Christmas Tree Forest is also home to fall activities, basically all of the above with a few tweaks, like reindeer tram rides are spider tram rides. I have never attended during the fall harvest season as it’s a Christmas Tree Forest and I’d rather only go at Christmas time.


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