Nashville On A Whim

Last week Aubry and I had the chance to stay for free at the Sheraton Music City hotel in Nashville, TN!

I have been saying to Steve for a few months now that we needed to make our way to either Nashville or Chattanooga, looks like Nashville won!

It was Wednesday at 4pm when I made the decision to go and by 9am the next day – we were on the road, 12 hours later- BAM- Nashville!

Our first stop was on I-10 for a bathroom break and then on to a road trip detour off of I-75 in Georgia. Let’s just say I am on a quest to visit the smallest churches in America. So far I’ve found 2 in Georgia!

Eating lunch at a fun pit stop along the way

After enjoying lunch we pressed on… through Atlanta and into Tennessee, back down into Georgia back up to Tennessee… finally arriving in Nashville around 8pm, thanks to Central Time Zone we gained an hour!

After  12 hours of sitting we dropped our stuff and dressed for the pool. A pool and hot tub always make a long day of travel end on a high note, plus takes care of a bath and makes my life easier!

The beds were comfy and we slept good.


Day 1 on the ground had the weather channel telling me the rain chance would be around 60%– I knew day 2 would be no rain so we decided to do some inside stuff!

I used the website Nashville Fun for Families as my guide.

They recommended Cornerstone Church, a local church that opened their kids play area every day for open play. Why not? And we were not disappointed. Cornerstone Church has the best inside play area I have ever seen. Watch video and decide for yourself. Did I mention this was free?

<insert video>

We ate lunch at the sandwich and coffee shop in the church and moved on to some more touristy things.

Enjoying the fall leaves and a great photo spot, this follows the walkway connecting Opry Mills parking lot and Gaylord Opryland Resort

Next we drove to The Gaylord Opryland Resort and it was amazing! I usually wouldn’t visit a place like this but due to rainy weather I opted to give it a try and was plesantly surprised! We parked at Opry Mills in the movie theatre area, far from mall and close to resort.s A nice walkway connects the two and we saved $22 over parking at the resort!!

The walk was fun with trees and fences to hang out on or in, it wasn’t long before we were entering into the Cascades Lobby and then into the most wonderful indoor atriums I’ve ever seen. The resort has 4 atriums however traveling with a pre-schooler we only made it to 3.

Cascades Atrium
Going behind the waterfalls in the Cascade atrium
Beautiful indoor waterfall!!

The 2nd atrium was the Garden Conservatory. What a great job! Aubry enjoyed leading the way as we walked this garden sanctuary. It also had cool guitars hanging from the ceiling!

<insert video>

The third atrium we visited was Delta. This atrium had the most going on.

The centerpiece is either the high  coppula at the top of the atrium

Look up when you enter the atrium and you’ll see this

or walk a little further and you’ll see the river running around Delta island.

The island has a water fountain, places to eat and shops to walk by, although a toy store allows kids to test the merchandise and the atmosphere is on point.

Aubry trying out a toy airplane on Delta Island


We made our way down to Delta River Flatboat for a ride around the island. Aubry loved it and 3 and under are free so that fit my frugal budget! I enjoyed the information about the resort and I got to sit and relax for a minute or two.

After the boat ride Aubry was ready to go so we stepped outside and headed back to the car; we then drove to entrance #5 by the Ski and Sport store. Inside the mall we walked around the inside of the Aquairium Restaurant.

Enter a caption

Next we rode the typical mall rides before heading out the entrance #7 and across the street to the Grand Ole Opry!

grand ole opry



The Grand Ole Opry was closed for the filming of CMA Christmas Special, but that’s okay the frugal mom in me says, don’t pay.

By this time we were ready to call it a day!

A stop at Wal-mart which included not one, not two, but three seperate check-outs because I kept forgetting things, before we headed back to the Sheraton Music City.

Note of food: I packed enough food to last 2 full days and so at the end of day 2 I just used money already set aside for my normal weekly groceries.

Phew, goodnight.

Read about day 2 here.




2 thoughts on “Nashville On A Whim

  1. I’m so glad you had a great time! Opryland Hotel is one of my favorite places in Nashville. We love to go on a weekend night in the winter and walk around, watch the dancing fountain show and eat pizza and burgers in the Delta.

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