Nashville On A Whim Day 2

To see day 1, click here. 

Aubry was up and at ’em on day 2 of our Nashville on a whim mini-vacation, you can read about our travel day and day 1 on the ground here.

The weather was cloudy, but no rain. We packed up and headed to Fannie Mae Dees Park in the Vandebilt University area of Nashville. We parked on 24th Ave S, right by the park and enjoyed playing on their mosaic dragon and rock hill with a fort and tunnel.

The mosaic dragon and fort, view from top of rock hill
Can you spot the guitar and bunny?
Tunnel through a fun and somewhat dangerous rock hill.

After a good hour and a half playing I pulled up yelp! to see what was near us for good food. When I saw Pancake Pantry I had pancakes and syrup on the brain; we walked a short few blocks and then waited in line!

Apparently this place is where Garth Brookes gained all his weight!!

The line moved rather quickly and they had free water and coffee outside. The atmosphere was lively and other patrons friendly, worth the wait and fuel for our bodies to press on toward the Parthenon and Centenial Park.

Who knew Nashville has a life size replica of the Parthenon in Athens Greece. The Parthenon was hosting an event and was closed to the public; we did enjoy walking around the whole perimeter, playing frisbee in the park and playing at the playgroud that was so very close, so very big and so very much fun! Lots of free parking!!


We then jumped back in the car and drove to a parking lot next to First Baptst Church Nashville on McGavock and 7th. I paid $20, and I hated to pay that, but I could hear Steve telling me, it’s worth it, just do it.

So we paid and hit the streets landing at the Visitor’s Center on  Broadway and 5th. We walked up and down Broadway and around Music Row.

music row

We rode the Music City Circuit, a free bus system around Downtown. We rode it the whole circuit and the drivers were great, we flagged one down last minute and he actually stopped for us!!

Aubry right after giving her first tip in live music guitar case.

So that was the end of day 2, our last day.

Well it actually wasn’t the end of our day but our hotel schnanigans will make this post far to lengthy so you’ll have to wait until next week!

Nashville was such a fun place to drop in on for a few days, the nnight life looks like a blast with friends so we will return. Until then, thanks Nashville.


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