7 More Travel Tips


{.1.} If one parent is leaving have your child(ren) record a video message or song for them to watch while on the road, AND have mom or dad who is leaving make a video message for child(ren). This works good when going to “no cell phone land”, like Honduras or National Parks.


{.2.} Don’t let weather hold you back. Check ahead and if it’s gonna be rainy- pack rain gear, plan for inside time and for lots of wet cothing. If sunny, have water bottles, sunscreen and hats.


{.3.} Sleep and let others do the same. I like to allow mornings to be relaxed and slow. Sleep in if need be and let others sleep in too. Now don’t get me wrong, I like a full day of fun aand adventures, I just know sleep makes the fun more fun!!


{.4.} Watch sunrises and sunsets.


{.5.} Go with the flow. Detours, breakdowns, traffic, spills and messes. Oh well, that’s like, enjoy the ride.


{.6.} Park far away from bathrooms at rest areas. Get your legs a movin’ even if it’s just for a potty break.


{.7.} Use taller thin containers to hold kids coloring pages, crayons and markers, they take up less room on the back seat and can squeeze between legs, feet and people.


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