Daytona Beach’s Manatee Island

Manatee Island

Although the sign says “Manatee Island Dog Park”, let me assure you Manatee Island is more than a dog park and no you can not let your dog run free on this island; but you can let yourself run free!

I have visited this park twice, once with my 2-year-old daughter and a friend and the other time on a date with Steve. It’s located at 361 N Beach Street, Daytona Beach, FL 

It makes for a nice stroll, jog or stroller ride.

The old house on park land, I’m sure you can go in and learn some history

An old house, that was closed both times I visted, sits near the road and the parks main entrance. A nice wood boardwalk connects the mainland to Mantee Island.

Date night — so sweet

Once on the island I suggest you walk to your right. An outdoor amphitheater, 180 degree river views, a boat dock and Florida wildlife greet you as you circle this small island.

View of Daytona Beach boardwalk resort area from the river
View of Beach Street area and the ISB Bridge from Manatee Island.

You’ll continue on until you come to the back side of the actual fenced in dog park and then a nice children’s playground and fitness station area.

Children’s playground
Fitness station – com’on now, get your muscle on…

So depending on your mood and company, pick one of the four.

Take your dog to the dog park,

your kid to the kid park,

get your fitness on

or continue your walk past the bathrooms, off the island and on to your next adventure.


bathrooms on Manatee Island, Daytona Beach

Speaking of your next adventure, why not couple this Manatee Island trip with a visit to Daytona Beach’s Boardwalk. Check out this post on a simple night on the Boardwalk in classic Daytona Beach.

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