Daytona Beach Boardwalk

Daytona Beach

Florida’s Original Beach or better yet America’s Original Beach.

It’s where the Daytona 500 originated, MTV Spring Break parties got their debut and is about to be the comeback beach.

This photo of the Boardwalk in the 1960’s looks so familiar, yet seems so strange without the Hilton rising in the background.

That 29 cent foot long hot dog sounds good about now.

The Boardwalk cira 1960’s

photo courtesy of Time Travel Now

Visiting the boardwalk is like taking a step back in time simply because it really hasn’t changed.

I’ve been visiting since the 1980’s and besides the adding and deleting of some amusement rides it’s virtually the same. I am sad that both the ferris wheel and the sky ride are gone and I have hopes of their return; afterall this is going to be the comeback beach.

We really visit for the Skee Ball and all the tickets we win,

especially on an old game that always seems to break and spit out far more tickets than we earned.

Aubry really liked the go-carts.

She wanted to ride the rollercoaster but, well, did I mention this was a bit of a step back in time…

…but I’m sure it’s a ton of fun! For more ride options click here.

We’ve watched as our son Vaughan has been flung into the air at 100 mph on the Slingshot and we’ve enjoyed walking to the bandshell with salt air blowing as we vacation for an evening just 20 miles from home.

Welcome !
Skee Ball from the 1970’s, warped and everything #challenge
She won a mask – first go-cart ride


Also makes for a great date night.

We have visited twice recently.

Once for a date night, just Steve and I and a second time the three of us for a family date night!

Steve and I ate at Joes’s Crab Shack out on the pier, but may I recommend a walk down to Napoli Pizza on the corner of Ora Street and A1A/N Atlantic, just after the overpass if your walking north from Boardwalk, or walk the beach and take a left at the bandshell. On Yelp it doesn’t have high stars but it does have some good reviews as I would give it a good review. I am recommending you go there afterall.


Anywhere along Ocean Ave in front of the Boardwalk, near Main Street. Here’s a google maps link to Breakers Beachfront Park, they have a public lot we parked at once. We’ve also parked right on Ocean Ave. All parking has a cost, metered on street or in the lot via kiosk.

This is a great idea to couple with a trip to Daytona’s Manatee Island Park, check that out over here.


Let me know if you go, I love pictures.

Other Adventures Close By

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Daytona Beach Manatee Island


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