Frugal Disney

titleThis post is for Visitors and Florida Residents Alike.

Here are some of The Frugal Travel Mom’s Frugal tips to Disney.



FRUGAL TICKETS, ok this is for residents only:

It pays to live here.

Disney knows what a Florida summer is like and they reward us residents with some perks, as minor as they may be.

You gotta get in to the park so an annual pass is the way to go!

Florida Weekday Select Pass is,(as of this writing Jan 2015, $275.84 or $112 down and $13.66 a month.

You can only visit weekdays, think less people, and have black-out dates during hot summer and bust spring break and holidays. It’s all 4 parks, park hopper, free parking, MagicBand, and more!



Pack a lunch. The large lockers at Magic Kingdom can hold a decent size cooler. Get a few lockers, take a sheet and or blanket. Eat right there at the lockers and nearby benches.

The train station is right above the lockers so use it to get back there for lunch or maybe when you’re done grab the train to a far off land…

–> Side note on eating. While I am a huge fan of traveling frugal, I am also a fan of doing special things to make memories. I love to eat at Cinderella’s Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom. Make a reservation ASAP and you can book up to 180 days in advence.




Here’s how your conversation goes: “Hey kids, we just dropped over $270 bucks to visit here all. year. long. that’s souvenir enough.”

or just et them know on the way in, “We’re not going to be buying souvenirs, our photos and memories will be souvenir enough.”

and then, perhaps…

every once in awhile let them get something.

Allowance, celebration, reward system or just because you want to; one time we had the boys look all day at souvenirs, then before we left they got whatever they wanted, within reason. They picked out $35 light up Sorcerer Mickey hats, we got our money’s worth too! Halloween and dress up for years!


Bring your own water bottle and fill up at water fountains.

Other than that you’re gonna pay too much for a Coke, but then again sometimes a nice cold Coke can really put a smile on your face.


If you have any questions about your Disney vacation feel free to E-mail me: theFrugalTravelMom (at) g mail (dot) com


my friend Jamie can help you book your actual trip, here’s her website link.

So there you have it!

Some frugal tips on visiting Disney World.

Hope to see you there!

Magical Travels~



3 thoughts on “Frugal Disney

    1. The parking IS NEW !!! Passes purchased after October 3, 2015 have parking at Walt Disney World Theme Parks. I am excited about this because it means more visits, parking is pricey!!!!


  1. The Starbucks on main street will give you a cup of free ice. Then you can put it in your water bottle and fill it with water at the water fountain.


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