Simple Guide to Packing Children’s Bags

Packing tips with children… from babies thru elementary and beyond!

First you will need to wash all your children’s clothes and lay them out.

For my active children, who make messes like it’s their job, I pack 1 outfit a day for the length of our trip, plus 1-2 extra outfits.

Second stack together in this order starting with bottoms:

bottom (pant/short/skirt…), top, underwear and socks- one stack for each day,

lay out any extra items like jackets, sweater, hats, mittens, bathing suit (always carry a bathing suit).

You will also want to lay out any extra undies and socks you may have.

TIP: in my purse I carry a small zip lock bag with a pair of undies and socks in it, just in case.

packing kids 1
Outfits all laid out for an 11-day trip.

Third tightly roll each outfit stack,

put 2 -3 outfits together in one zip lock gallon size bag,

roll and pack extra items together in zip lock bag or in suitcase,

squeeze the air out of each bag and zip it up!

packing kids 2
2-3 outfits in gallon zip lock bags

Fourth: pack all the zip locks into child’s suitcase or into your suitcase if you’re sharing.

packing kids 3
Easy suitcase packing

I suggest packing 1 extra outfit in a zip lock that will go in your carry on if flying or day pack if driving.


Pack comfy clothes for travel, with a sweatshirt/jacket.

It’s really that simple.

aubry suitcase
Children love to carry their own roller bag.                                                          Be careful not to load them down too much.


The zip lock bags make it easy when we head out for the day; I can grab a zip lock bag, throw it in my purse or day bag and if we have an accident, get muddy or wet from rain or play I have an easy to grab complete outfit, they also double as dirty clothes bags for smelly or wet items. When we hiked in the Rockies in the rain and snow it was nice to get back into the car and change before hitting the road. 

Depending on trip length you can always do laundry.

If I have extra undies and socks I put them in their own zip lock and keep them with me in our day pack for smaller changes we might need.

For multiple children this is nice and you can write child’s name on zip locks and share suitcases with easy grab and go.

Happy packing and happy traveling.



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