DeLand Mural Walk


DeLand, Florida is a quaint little town with history,  and some amazing murals sprinkled through out it’s eclectic, charming downtown.

To see these beautiful murals and town first go to Main Street’s Mural Walk page and print out your own map AND brochure. (you may want to just print the map page and use your phone to read the brochure)

Second, pick a dateinvite some friends and go!

May I suggest you do it sooner rather than later and a Monday-Thursday would be best to see all the murals, we did a Saturday and it was still great! You’ll enjoy 3 or so hours walking outside in beautiful DeLand, Florida while laughing, visiting and having fun!

There are 13 total murals on the actual walk map. Feel free to grab the map and go for it on your own or read on to see the route we took and some tips we discovered along the way.

*See bottom of post for the suggested order of visiting the murals.*


We started our day at Boston Coffeehouse, the public parking lot #4, east of the coffee house makes a great launching point for your mural walk. We ate breakfast there; however if you can hold off a yummy donut shop awaits.

After fueling up we headed east/left out of Boston’s walking 1 block on New York Ave and took a left on Alabama Ave. through Sunflower Park, where there were strangley no sunflowers. ~odd~

After passing by two small lakes we came upon the first mural, nmber 1 on your map. We took turns reading the mural descriptions in our printed brochure;  the youngest of the group read first and worked our way up in age.

Mural A “DeLand at the Turn of the Century”

Personally I enjoyed the way some sections of the mural blend in to the surrounding vegetation and such creative use of the projections in the wall. The shadey trail made visiting this first mural enjoyable in the hot Florida sun.

From this mural we continued left around the lake and back to Wisconsin Ave and right toward Woodland Blvd where murals “2” and “3” greeted us. This time Katie and I read the mural descriptions before we moved south on Woodland Blvd.

We then moved on to mural 4, cut across the parking lot to mural 5 on the east side of the building, “Black Bear Family”.

I love how the natural surroundings become part of the mural.

After some fun with the bears we made our way back to Rich Ave and enjoyed visiting with Gary in Pioneer Park  the home of mural 6.

I have often seen old timers sitting in this park and this time around one struck up a conversation with us and we learned that this mural was not only painted from an old photograph but the faces are actual faces of people from modern day DeLand. Gary, the gentlemen we spoke with has lived in DeLand over 70 years and currently lives above the old Opera House a stones throw away from Pioneer Park. May I suggest you strike up a conversation with anyone you may see who looks like they live and relax around these murals.

From here we took a left on Woodland but I would suggest crossing Woodland Ave from Pioneer Park and mural 6, then take a left heading south on Woodland Blvd.

You will see mural 8 and then go back to see mural 7.

From this side of the road you can look across the street at mural “8” located at 137 N. Woodland; titled “Gibbs Clothing Store” this mural is seen from right outside the donut shop I spoke of earlier. Mr. Bill’s Donuts and is known to have yummy apple fritters and egg croissants; it closes at noon time so if you’re feeling hungry and time allows eat now!

Since we did not walk on this side of the street and visited the murals in alphabetic order we backtracked and missed eating here.

After seeing mural 8 cross back to the east side of Woodland and down Indiana Ave to: 142 E. Indiana Ave and mural 7. Historian Bill seems like such a friendly guy and his mural so lifelike, I feel like I spent some time with him!!


This is a good stop to stand in the middle of the road and look west toward Athens Theatre, the brick paved road makes this one of my favorite street views in DeLand. I think you’ll enjoy it too.

Indiana Ave
The unending bricks and blue sky.

Now retrace your steps to 112. W. Indiana Ave and mural 9.

From here we took a short cut and did a little Geocaching, it was a bit of a tough cache but we found it. If you don’t Geocache then perhaps you should give it a try, it’s been a family favorite for us for over a decade.

When looking at mural 9 we took a right, between the buildings and under the gate into “Chess Park”.

Gateway to Chess Park

I love chess park. As you walk through the park enjoy the details they put into making this park truly a park designed for chess players, and we figure checkers players too!

After exiting the park straight ahead we saw mural 10 and also home to the DeLand Visitor Center, we kept moving turning left on New York where mural 13 is!

I have yet to figure out where mural 11 is, if you find out please let me know.

We continued to Woodland and took a left on it and went inside to view mural 12 the only inside mural at 100 N. Woodland Ave, home of the Museum of Art Downtown and the Main Street Deland Association. We actually didn’t get a good view of this mural as the Main Street DeLand Association was closed, so take note if you visit on Friday, Saturday or Sunday when the Association is closed.

Back outside we crossed to the opposite corner, the southeast corner of New York and Woodland; behind the corner restaurant are some steps that lead downstairs to a waterfall and mosaic mural, mural 14. Mural 14 is no longer there but keep checking back because the space is too cool for DeLand not to do something worth visiting there.

Mural “M” is on the back 2 sides of this building.

Continuing south on Woodland we walked around the back side  of The Artisian Downtown hotel and resaturant. It is here that we saw mural 15. You would be wise to do the same as the mural is on both the south and east side. I liked this one and thought it a good use of bricked in windows.

That’s it! We had completed the official 15 murals on the DeLand Mural Walk; however, there was one more mural we had to see.

The DeLand Wings

I was unfamiliar with these but was soon educated on these famous DeLand Wings and hope they get added to the official DeLand Mural Walk. Located in Pill Alley behind Dressed Boutique or the alley next to Persimmon Hollow Brewing Co. on Georgia Ave.

From mural 14 retrace your steps back up Woodland Ave and a left onto Georgia Ave, take your first alley on your right, it’s Pill Alley, you’ll see some neat paintings on teh side of the building but keep going and the wings are down on your left.

You’re welcome- they are a cool photo shot place!

So that’s that. Upon exiting Pill Alley you get a better view of mural 13 and if your didn’t eat earlier you have a great number of choices in beautiful downtown DeLand. We ate at Urban Brick, where they have good vegetarian and vegan options; I got the Insalata Urban Brick Salad, you can minus the cheese. Yummy and yes I’d visit again.

Brochure and Map Typos


No typos known at this time.

My suggestion for order of viewing the murals

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 (view from across the street), 7, 9 cut through Chess Park, 10, 13, 11, 12, 14, 15 – DeLand Wings.

For more on DeLand visit my post DeLand, Florida


Happy Trails,

Michelle, The Frugal Travel Mom


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