Freedom Playground

official address: 230 N Stone Street, DeLand, FL – see my map at bottom of post –

Huge playground with a large area for the older kids and another area for the younger kids with a multi-level jungle gym area in between the two. Nice rubber surfacing throughout the whole playground. Handicap accessible, with the largest variety of accesible activities I’ve seen at a playground. You gotta check out the merry-go-round.

Picnic tables and pavilions are outside, but right next to, the park; no food inside park.

Clean bathrooms and water fountain.

Sensory Butterfly Garden, Geocache and a paved walkway around the whole of Bill Dreggor’s Park.

Large open grass areas.

On site is the restored, Historic Hospital Building built in 1920.

Great place for ALL to visit.

Attention Homeschoolers: you will love this! History, hands-on fun and so much more! Explore and visit to find out more, I promise, as a fomrer home schooler, you’ll love it!

Here’s my hand drawn map. There is so much more in DeLand to see including the DeLand Wings 🙂

parking lot is off or W. Wisconsin or N. High Steets

younger area

Freedom Playground was redone in Fall of 2015, below are some old (left) versus new (right) photos of the playground.



So there it is Freedom Playground in DeLand, Florida. Be sure to catch these other DeLand sights…

DeLand Mural Walk

DeLand Wings

downtown shopping and eating



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