Guide to Childcare at Disney World


It’s your vacation at Walt Disney World,

you’ve saved and planned,

packed and arrived.

While it is a blast with the whole family it’s also important for the grown ups to get a little child free time.

One way and the easiest is to bring along a baby sitter. Grandparents work best, especially if they are free to be on their own schedule as well as be your in house babysitter. Another idea is for older children to watch the younger ones, maybe even pay them or order pizza in the room for a kids night in.

If bringing a babysitter just isn’t in your plans then Disney has their own solution.

Disney offers Children’s Activity Centers located throughout the Disney

Walt Disney World’s main Child Care website is a great resource and with Disney you can expect the highest quality of employees and top notch care.

Disney lists Kid’s Nite Out for in-room babysitting sitting.

That’s it.

Pretty simple.

I highly recommend taking advantage of a date night or couples night out while at beautiful Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Now…what to do without children while at Disney?

Read The Frugal Travel Mom’s: 7 Date Night Ideas While on Your Disney Vacation.



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