Am I Really A Frugal Travel Mom?

I recently completed a 2 week Florida to Maine, east coast road trip with my 4 year old daughter in tow.

The first 10 days of it I had my friend Katie with me and she helped share a small part of the cost.

I was curious as to how frugally do I really travel?

So I will lay it all out here and let you decide!


FL –> NH: East Coast Road Trip #katella2016 #aubsanditravel2016

Car Rental: $370.19

Gas: $243.48*

Room and Board: $209*

Food: $265.59 (breakdown: $154.97 at grocery store -here’s my travel kitchen post and I also buy food for a few of the meals when we’re couchsurfing at friends; $110.82 food out at restaurants)

Cash: $200 ($60, 3-day drive north; $100,  for day in NYC; $40, drive home)

CITY TRAVEL: $39.50 (parking, train, subway)

Misc.- Staples/The Redhead Project: $15.42

THAT’S A GRAND TOTAL OF: $1,365.40 if you take out the normal grocery bill, which for me is $125/week so $250 total, it drops the trip to costing $1,115.40

or $79.67 a day !

*This is the grand total of these two items; however, I shared the cost of these with Katie so I didn’t pay that amount, my total came to $73/day for 2 people FL to ME East Coast road trip.

I think that’s pretty frugal. 

What do you think?


Now to begin to save for Greece…





One thought on “Am I Really A Frugal Travel Mom?

  1. Greece. Love it. Go to islands. Mama Mia was made on Maybe): capri. ?? I can’t remember the other name of island that supposedly is a must see. Love the cool blue water and white houses and tiny winding streets.
    Food is awesome.

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