I haven’t written in awhile so I am checking in.

All too often I think my blog posts need to be informative, short, have a video and great photos.

So no post happens at all.

So here’s an update and a few tips.

We purchased Weekday Select Annual Passes to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

We love it.


So far we’ve been 8 times, 4 times to MK, 3 to Epcot, 1 HS and 1 to AK.

Having annual passes is so freeing when it comes to Disney; I know we’ll be back so there is no pressure.

So far we’ve been going over in the afternoons and staying though the evening, leaving before the fireworks. Aubry doesn’t like the loud of the fireworks so we leave and beat the crowd.

Here’s a few tips:



the one to MK: ride this in the back to get off the monorail and be first to ride the resort monorail in the front of the pack headed in to park.

the one to the resorts: this will also take you to the Magic Kingdom, except you wont be waiting in line as long; the ride itself takes a little longer but is a nice ride around the Seven Seas Lagoon and it boards quicker than the MK monorail. *Ride this one in the front.

Epcot and Hollywood Studios are connected by boat. It’s a 20 minute boat ride plus what could be a 20 minute wait for the boat. Catch the boat to the left after exiting Hollywood Studios. We got off at the 3rd stop at Disney’s Boardwalk, the evening we were there we say 3 different street acts perform. We never did make it to Epcot, but we plan to.

Animal Kingdom has a second entrance. As you approach head left to Rainforest Cafe, walk straight through the gift shop, you’ll come out the other end to a sitting area, keep walking and you’ll come to the hidden park entrance.

Happy day,

see you at the parks!



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