New Hampshire 2014
New Hampshire 2014

Hi, I’m Michelle the Frugal Travel Mom.

It is my desire to encourage and equip you to travel.

With over 23 years of solo,


and family travel experience,

I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

We are a family who likes to travel.

We live a fabulously “normal” life in a house, with a mortgage, a few cats, an Austrailian Shepherd, 2 grown sons, a 4-year-old daughter and 3 grandkids a half a mile away.

As a single income family for over 20 years and a lover of travel I consider myself frugal when it comes to traveling and want to share that here with you.

We are frequent visitors of playgrounds and parks.

“Tour de Playground” has been many a title for many a given day in our lives.

From rural Cheraw, SC to Manhattan, NYC;

Scottsmore, FL to downtown Denver, we’ve become experts at discovering playgrounds and fun parks.

With and emphasis on Central Florida and the United States I hope this blog helps you get out there and travel. You can start at my latest blog post here.

or, if you’re looking to book travel (I book frugal to luxury)  click here to contact me on my Travel Agent Facebook Page.

Dropping son #2 off at college- filling his gas tank as a last gift of love.
Dropping son #2 off at college- filling his gas tank as a last gift of love. Since this photo he has travelled across the country to California and across the pond to London. Now preapring to move to Nashville- traveling is in his blood!

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Michelle, I have always wanted to be a traveller but can never seem to figure out how to save up the money, book tickets and just go. With three girls it seems almost impossible to begin to save up as we too are on one income. What have you done throughout the years in order to save up enough to travel?


    1. Christie, What a great question, I remember thinking the same thing. For one thing I spend wisely and I chose to not spend on certain things that are a luxury in my eyes; so no cable or dish, no manicures, pedicures or nail polish; new clothes maybe once a year and even then it’s Old Navy clearance, free is best for clothing; no coffee out; we spend very little on holidays and don’t have much of an overhead for birthday parties.
      We also have opportunities to make a hundred bucks here and there. My husband is self employed in construction so every now and then a quick weekend job will pay for a plane ticket, or I hand paint signs that bring in extra cash.
      So perhaps oyu can get rid of some “luxuries” in your week to week or maybe can think of a way that you alone or with your girls can make a little extra here or there.
      I’d love to help you plan a family vacation. E-mail me


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