Mommy-Daughter Date in NYC


On a recent stay in Northern New Jersey, Aubry and I headed into New York City for the day. I had a 3 o’clock photo shot with Keith Barraclough for The Redhead Project so we figured it was the perfect excuse to explore the city.

It had been to New York City 10 years earlier, to the month and it was Aubry’s first time in the city!

Aubry loves trains and trolleys, buses and subways… public transportation really so this was a fun trip for her.

We parked at the Red Hawk Deck Parking Garage in Montclair, New Jersey and walked the short bit to the Montclair Heights station on NJ Transit headed for New York Penn Station.

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Newport, Rhode Island with Children


How’d you like that little jingle to get you pumped for your time in Newport, Rhode Island.

Quaint Homes that are larger than life and surrounded by water on just about all sides Newport, RI doesn’t disappoint; with it’s rolling hill parks, and a taste of old New England everywhere you go, you’re sure to leave with a smile.

Aubry and I visited the real expert on Newport, my friend Niki. She was living there and I couldn’t pass up the free room and friends. She lived right downtown and we walked everywhere, every day for just about a week!


So without further ado, here are my favorite things to do with children while in Newport, RI and the top 3 are just that- my top 3. The others are in random order, well except number 4 I really like number 4 too!



Park at either Narragansett Ave (first choice) or First Beach You may have to backtrack on the Cliff Walk or walk a side street back to your car to see some more of Newport’s homes.



This is the view from the tower on property, can you find it?

May I suggest looping the point and parking near the far end of the large open field. Visit both the water side and then venture through the field to a large old stable, can you find the tower? And yes it’s a tower you can go up- legally!


Window shopping is fun!

Visit Queen Ann Square : Starbucks is on the square and the square itself is a fun place for kids to play : Trinity Church is also on the square : it’s and easy walk to the Newport Tower : walk around window shopping

sqaure night
Queen Anne’s Square at night!



A short drive north of town, Coggeshall Farm is a taste of a New England farm in the 1700’s.

Why drive to Plimoth Plantation when you can get a more personal experience here.

Turkey, up close and personal




There is a park, playground, bathrooms and a great view of all the boats in Newport Harbor and Brenton Cove.


morton park
Playground 2013

For open space and a playground visit here. We were here every day of our week long stay. I list lots of parks on my favorite things in all cities!!




Not recommended with kids or when on a frugal budget but I had to list it because the mansions are what make Newport, Newport.

I stopped here when flying out of Providence back in 2004, we had an evening flight and swung by here before taking off.


Other things to mention…

Try to find this store outside Newport
If the season allows, go apple picking or to a pumpkin patch!


Happy trails,

The Frugal Travel Mom