Heritage Farms, DeLand, FL


I was excited when I heard about Heritage Farms in DeLand.

I’ve been looking for a pumpkin patch with all the extras like a hay ride and corn maze closer to the east coast, so thanks to all of my friends on Facebook and social media who liked the page and posted pictures of their visit to Heritage Farms, that’s how I heard about it!

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7 Date Night Ideas on Your Disney Vacation

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t grab a date night.

For child care options read The Frugal Travel Mom’s Guide to Childcare at Disney World.

Now that you have the kiddos taken care of the next step is to decide what you’re going to do.

Here Are:

The Frugal Travel Mom’s 7 Date Night Ideas while on Your Disney Vacation

1. Disney Springs at Night

Disney Springs at night is awesome. The lights on the water, the atmosphere and the activities presented make this a go to for the locals as well.

Ride the hot air balloon, eat dinner, order chocolate, shop or just simply sit and relax. Whatever your budget or interests Disney Spring will not disappoint.

2. Cirque du Soleicirque2

I know this is at Disney Springs but I feel it needs it’s own section. Pricey, but worth it; we missed our early showing tickets and they found us seats for the late show, strolling Disney Springs and a fabulous show make for a great date night.

3. Hit the Parks

There no reason why you can’t cut a day with the family short and return again that night with your date!


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Guide to Childcare at Disney World


It’s your vacation at Walt Disney World,

you’ve saved and planned,

packed and arrived.

While it is a blast with the whole family it’s also important for the grown ups to get a little child free time.

One way and the easiest is to bring along a baby sitter. Grandparents work best, especially if they are free to be on their own schedule as well as be your in house babysitter. Another idea is for older children to watch the younger ones, maybe even pay them or order pizza in the room for a kids night in.

If bringing a babysitter just isn’t in your plans then Disney has their own solution.

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You CAN Afford to Travel


“I just can’t afford to travel.”

I’ve heard a lot of people say that.

They want to go on a road trip, fly to another state or to another country, but they just can’t seem to afford it.

While travel does take money and time, and those of us with families and jobs and houses with mortgages it can be a challenge, however;

the good news is…


It will take sacrifice, some foresight, planning and work, but let me say it again:


Here are my top 5 tips to help you travel…

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Sugar Mill Botanical Gardens

Sugar Mill Botanical Gardens,


or Bongoland as it was called in the 1940’s and 50’s when it served as an amusement park complete with train and an ape named Bongo.

Whatever you decide to call it, this historic site is really a hidden gem on Florida’s East Coast just south of Daytona Beach.

Before the days of Disney World and Universal a quieter form of entertainment drew visitors to Florida’s East Coast. With it’s history going back to 1836 and the Second Seminole War, these old Sugar Mills and botanical gardens are also a historic site and home to some pretty unique dinosaurs.


I hate to spoil the fun, so don’t take my word for it, instead visit yourself and see the beauty of this glimpse into Florida’s past.

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