Am I Really A Frugal Travel Mom?

I recently completed a 2 week Florida to Maine, east coast road trip with my 4 year old daughter in tow.

The first 10 days of it I had my friend Katie with me and she helped share a small part of the cost.

I was curious as to how frugally do I really travel?

So I will lay it all out here and let you decide!

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7 Date Night Ideas on Your Disney Vacation

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t grab a date night.

For child care options read The Frugal Travel Mom’s Guide to Childcare at Disney World.

Now that you have the kiddos taken care of the next step is to decide what you’re going to do.

Here Are:

The Frugal Travel Mom’s 7 Date Night Ideas while on Your Disney Vacation

1. Disney Springs at Night

Disney Springs at night is awesome. The lights on the water, the atmosphere and the activities presented make this a go to for the locals as well.

Ride the hot air balloon, eat dinner, order chocolate, shop or just simply sit and relax. Whatever your budget or interests Disney Spring will not disappoint.

2. Cirque du Soleicirque2

I know this is at Disney Springs but I feel it needs it’s own section. Pricey, but worth it; we missed our early showing tickets and they found us seats for the late show, strolling Disney Springs and a fabulous show make for a great date night.

3. Hit the Parks

There no reason why you can’t cut a day with the family short and return again that night with your date!


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Guide to Childcare at Disney World


It’s your vacation at Walt Disney World,

you’ve saved and planned,

packed and arrived.

While it is a blast with the whole family it’s also important for the grown ups to get a little child free time.

One way and the easiest is to bring along a baby sitter. Grandparents work best, especially if they are free to be on their own schedule as well as be your in house babysitter. Another idea is for older children to watch the younger ones, maybe even pay them or order pizza in the room for a kids night in.

If bringing a babysitter just isn’t in your plans then Disney has their own solution.

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Freedom Playground

official address: 230 N Stone Street, DeLand, FL – see my map at bottom of post –

Huge playground with a large area for the older kids and another area for the younger kids with a multi-level jungle gym area in between the two. Nice rubber surfacing throughout the whole playground. Handicap accessible, with the largest variety of accesible activities I’ve seen at a playground. You gotta check out the merry-go-round.

Picnic tables and pavilions are outside, but right next to, the park; no food inside park.

Clean bathrooms and water fountain.

Sensory Butterfly Garden, Geocache and a paved walkway around the whole of Bill Dreggor’s Park.

Large open grass areas.

On site is the restored, Historic Hospital Building built in 1920.

Great place for ALL to visit.

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Enchanted Forest Sanctuary


enchanted forest

West of Kennedy Space Center off of FL 405 lies a small track of land you may miss if you blink.

The small brown sign as you head east or west on FL 405 has “Enchanted Forest” printed across the top marking the entrance to this slice of the Florida outdoors.

Brevard County’s Enchanted Forest Sactuary is a nice place to spend half a day.

Free to visit it has a great visitor center with hands-on exibits, a library, air conditioning, clean bathrooms and a small gift shop.

We visited this last week with freinds and enjoyed having an impromptu talent show on their ampitheatre stage, we were also VERY happy that the majority of the hiking trails were under the canopy of Florida trees.

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