3 Off-the-Beaten-Path Places to Visit While in Orlando

Orlando is the home of Mickey Mouse, Shamu, Universal Studios, I-Drive and plenty of sunshine.

While here in Central Florida we invite you to step out and enjoy some hidden spots we believe are worth the visit.

  1. Lake Eola Park – visit on a Sunday for Orlando’s Farmer’s Market, be sure to walk the loop around the whole lake, there is lots to see.

  2. Winter Park – from a great climbing tree in Central park to the must do Scenic Boat ride, Winter Park is upscale but can be done on any price scale. Here’s a mystery tour of Winter Park. 

  3. Citrus Tower –  One of Florida’s original attractions, this is a nice way to step back in time and see a different side of Central Florida.



Freedom Playground

official address: 230 N Stone Street, DeLand, FL – see my map at bottom of post –

Huge playground with a large area for the older kids and another area for the younger kids with a multi-level jungle gym area in between the two. Nice rubber surfacing throughout the whole playground. Handicap accessible, with the largest variety of accesible activities I’ve seen at a playground. You gotta check out the merry-go-round.

Picnic tables and pavilions are outside, but right next to, the park; no food inside park.

Clean bathrooms and water fountain.

Sensory Butterfly Garden, Geocache and a paved walkway around the whole of Bill Dreggor’s Park.

Large open grass areas.

On site is the restored, Historic Hospital Building built in 1920.

Great place for ALL to visit.

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Classic Florida

The Sunshine State.

People have been flocking to Florida long before Walt Disney discovered it’s potential.

With an average of 230 sunny days Northerns and Southerns alike enjoy visiting – chances are it’ll be a sunny day!

Here I have compiled a list of the classic Florida attractions, so you can slow down and take a step back in time in Classic Florida.

Slow down and take a step back in time, visit Classic Florida.

I-75 South Classic Florida Attractions:

Silver Spings

Weeki Wachee Springs

The Citrus Tower

Cypres Gardens, now Legoland


I-95 South, old US-1 Classic Florida Attractions:


Daytona Beach Boardwalk

Sugar Mill Botanical Gardens, former Bongoland



Why You Should Visit Winter Park, Florida

the frugal travel mom

Winter Park Winter Park

Winter Park is a town you can’t pass up.

It’s also a great town to visit via Central Florida’s SunRail, or as all the cool kids say: via The Train. It’s the simple things.

Catching the SunRail at the DaBerry Station Catching the SunRail at the DeBarry Station

Winter Park is classy and elegant, retro and very cool.

As you exit the SunRail you’re greeted by the Winter Park Train Station and it’s clean bathrooms.yippee!!

Go potty, grab any brochures that interest you, continue to read this post or stop reading it and give the Mystery Tour of Winter Park a try by clicking here

I recently visited with Aubry (3), my friend Emily and her 4-year-old. Read on to see why you must visit.

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Simple Guide to Packing Children’s Bags

Packing tips with children… from babies thru elementary and beyond!

First you will need to wash all your children’s clothes and lay them out.

For my active children, who make messes like it’s their job, I pack 1 outfit a day for the length of our trip, plus 1-2 extra outfits.

Second stack together in this order starting with bottoms:

bottom (pant/short/skirt…), top, underwear and socks- one stack for each day,

lay out any extra items like jackets, sweater, hats, mittens, bathing suit (always carry a bathing suit).

You will also want to lay out any extra undies and socks you may have.

TIP: in my purse I carry a small zip lock bag with a pair of undies and socks in it, just in case.

packing kids 1
Outfits all laid out for an 11-day trip.

Third tightly roll each outfit stack,

put 2 -3 outfits together in one zip lock gallon size bag,

roll and pack extra items together in zip lock bag or in suitcase,

squeeze the air out of each bag and zip it up!

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