Mystery Travel

Mystery Travel is a fun way to explore a city, area or region.
Inspired by The Amazing Race, mystery travel takes a trip and adds some excitement and mystery to it!

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Your trip starts with a list of what you will need.
Comfy shoes, water bottle, snacks, etc.
The morning of your trip you will open your first clue and do what it says.It’s that simple, it’s a Mystery Trip!

There are three types of mystery trips offered here.

The first are destination known trips or Mystery Tours; meaning you know where you are going, what you don’t know is where exactly and what stops and sights you’ll see along the way. These usually take from 2-3 hours or can be stretched out to a whole or half day. Destination known trips can be a destination in themselves or can be used while passing through a city or area. 

The second are Mystery Road Trip Detours, these are detours when on a road trip that keep you moving forward toward your destination they just take a scenic route and a few detours to make the view and drive more exciting. Usually adds between 1-2 hours to your trip.

The third are True Mystery Trips; meaning all you get to start is a what to pack list and a what it will cost list. Other than that you wake up, open envelope/web site and go with it. 

I am also available to create a custom trip just for you. While everything on this blog is free of charge the customized trips have a cost attached to them.

You can find available Mystery Travel Trips below

Destination Known Mystery Tours

Mystery Travel Road Trip Detours

True Mystery Trip